Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A List of Grievances

My fellow students,

I love Xavier, I really do, but as of late Xavier has been starting to piss me off. I find that the powers that be are not serving the students as fully as they could and should. So with the spirit of Martin Luther running through my veins, I write to you my list of grievances:

· Cheerleaders: What is the purpose of this fake smiling group? They don’t lead. No one in the student section listens to what they are cheering. The only thing the cheerleaders are good for is making the crowd cheer louder so we can drown out their inane ramblings. The cheerleaders should be called cheerfollowers because of this. Also, what’s with that midget? There should be a height restriction for all cheerleaders. So I propose that all cheerleaders should reach a minimum height of 5’7”. This would take care of the midget cheerleader as well as those twins, because everyone knows that those two can’t cheer worth shit.

· SGA: If there is one thing in this world that pisses me off, it is pretentious pricks. And SGA as a whole is full of them. Why are you all dressed up? What does have to do with anything? Just because you deal with a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to dress like a tool. Here is an idea, dress like a normal student and then people will respect you because god knows, no one does now.

· SAC: I first must state, SAC has done a great job of bringing in top talent to Xavier for entertainment but it is how SAC members act at these big name shows that makes me mad. Attention SAC members, you all are volunteers and that is great, but that doesn’t give you the right to sit on your asses at concerts and shows in the first 3 rows. Just because you gave up of your time to help set up doesn’t mean you get to do nothing when Trey Anastasio and Guster are performing. If you want to do something for students, how about you raffle off those front row seats to real fans. It would allow you to help fund other concerts in the future as well as form a better relationship with the students.

· Black Greek Society: This is just unnecessary. The administration of Xavier uses the excuse of multiple clubs and organizations to not allow a Greek system to be on campus, yet the Office of Multicultural Affairs is allowed to have multiple fraternities and sororities. Does anyone else thing that is fair? The African American population I feel is distanced enough from the rest of the student body; their Greek system just makes the situation worse. Instead of what is already in place, there should be an all or none policy; either everyone can join in the Greek system or no one can.

Now, these aren’t the only things I find wrong with Xavier but I believe they are some of the most important. So you can expect me to write on these subjects at more length as well as other pressing issues in the near future. I will not stand for these grievances to continue and my fellow students, neither should you.



Anonymous said...

unclassy remark about the male cheerleaders, those guys have a medical condition. dont be a dick

Anonymous said...

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