Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Xavier Hypocrisy

Welcome to Free Xavier! (.blogspot.com) And more importantly welcome to my (Aramis’) first article. Webster's Dictionary defines the word hypocrisy as...... haha, right. Only high school kids start an article with crap like that and I go to Xavier University so I am as far from highschool as possible, right?
False, as it turns out. Xavier University is simply among the largest highschool's in the nation with a student body more immature and full of shit than most. You would think Facebook was the only medium that gave a damn about Johnny and Melissa being single again (unless Melissa is really hot) and Susie starting the 56th duplicate group about how great "Family Guy" is (unless Susie is really hot). However, as I have come to discover over the years at Xavier, anything that happens in my life is somehow newsworthy to a large number of the Xavier public. I, therefore, feel the need to lay down some ground rules on what is and is not newsworthy in hopes that this standard will catch on with my fellow Muskies. For starters, the following items can be considered newsworthy:
1.) Any student having sex with a professor.
2.) Any information that could potentially get an RA who is a really big asshole fired.
3.) Tortilla soup day in the caf.


Now, to outline those items that don't quite make the list of worthy news.
1.) A non-student was confronted by police in the C-1 lot and escorted off campus.
2.) "O my God! I saw Johnny and Melissa holding hands! Maybe they're getting back together."
3.) The act of wiping ones ass.
I feel much better now that I have cleared that up. With that problem addressed I can focus on what the title of the article suggested I would. I have come to discover that, for whatever reason, Xavier students, or the majority thereof, are here under a false pretense: Xavier is a great University.
Xavier is merely a GOOD University with average professors, average academics, average students, and an above average ability to convince people that Xavier is above average. I was a relatively unimpressive student in high school and, while I have enjoyed friends and family thinking I go to a great college, I have yet to be convinced of that myself. That sums up point number one. You are not better than anyone else just because you go to Xavier.
Next, being completely against something is just as much of an extreme as being completely for something. If you are upset about all Miami students being collar popping frat boys, that’s one thing. That does not, however, give you the right to think no one at Xavier can pop their collar. Furthermore, making fun of the 90% of Miami students who participate in Greek life doesn’t make you better. If anything, it makes you jealous. We have no Greek life whatsoever and are just as extreme as our alleged enemies to the north.
That’s really all I have to rant about for now so until next time, it’s "All for one, and one for all."

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Anonymous said...

this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen. it's not unfiltered news, its your commentary with an agenda.