Thursday, March 22, 2007

I can't deny it, I'm a blog writer, You don't wanna blog with me

I hope to be done talking about the "Ode to Oden" article after this post but why not take one last look at it in order to make fun of some people stupid enough to disagree with me on my own blog. I mean really, did you think you would get away with it? A big "Thank you" goes out to, Musketeer Madness, and FlyersFieldhouse for the free publicity for our relatively unknown site.

We have mad street cred now yo.

- Allflyernamesaregone on Flyers Fieldhouse had this to say: "Homophobia and stupidity...well, what else would you expect from a Xavier fan."
Well Allflyer, I personally would expect an ass beating as part of the XU-UD tradition as of late. I’d also expect that the Xavier fan was doing my girl friend because if I went to UD I’d be far too drunk 99% of the time to keep up a meaningful relationship. The latter is actually a compliment. Seriously... Xavier needs more parties.

- An anonymous poster on FreeXavier said: "You are the lowest form of life. I can see that you make a sick attempt to be edgy and funny but, it was completely out of line and not funny. Do us all a favor and take a good hard look at yourself in mirror and do some soul searching. We have enough unfunny keyboard tough guys on the internet."
Excellent anonymous advice. I tried to look "in mirror" at myself and do some soul searching. Unfortunately, being the lowest form of life, I am some kind of one prokaryotic cell who is incapable of both. Sucks to be me.

- Another anonymous individual on Free Xavier posted: "Maybe if your coach knew his elbows from his asshole he would have fouled after the miss free throw..."
Funny you mentioned this. Just the other day I accidentally opened an occupied stall in Xavier’s student center only to find a student kneeling in front of the toilet, elbows extended over the bowl trying to take a crap. Apparently, it isn’t just our coach who is afflicted with this horrible condition.

- TheGreatOne posted this comment on "Xavier is jealous because most of their women have facial hair like Oden and none of the basketball talent."
That is a flat out LIE! Quite a few of our female students are very athletic including on the basketball court.

-BigTenObsession responded to a comment by the blogger Lady Andrea by saying: "Andie, any time you mention the word 'job' you make a lot of boys happy."
I still don’t get why people think bloggers are creepy, lonely guys who live with their parents and do nothing but sit in front of a computer all day long. Damn stereotypes.

- The bloggers of Musketeer Madness had... absolutely nothing worthwhile to say on the topic. The exception here is Chris Burch. He supports us apparently while still understanding that we here at FreeXavier are a bunch of idiots who aren’t trying to change the world, just make fun of some people. He gets it... Why can’t the rest of you?

And to those of you who were completely outraged by our blog, thank you for voicing your outrage thereby keeping the discussions on the various websites alive so that more people could read our blog and in turn be outraged which resulted in more posts of anger and outrage and... O my God! How do I finish this sentence???


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