Tuesday, March 20, 2007

People care what we think?

So I'm sitting in class today when I get a text message that informs me that the superb Deadspin.com picked up a blog post we made last night. This is suprising for multiple reasons:

-it was our first post in months
-Deadspin is an excellent, widely read sports blog
-We run a shitty, half-assed blog that seemingly wouldn't be on Will Leitch's radar screen
-To me at least, "An Ode to Oden" is simply a Xavier student blowing off some steam at an opposing basketball player

Once I sat down and read the comments both on Deadspin and the ones left on our site, I've determined several things, including:

-Many Ohio St. fans read sports blogs a lot
-Many Ohio St. fans have nothing better to do read sports blogs a lot
-Many Ohio St. fans who have nothing better to do than read sports blogs a lot apparently think that they are superior to everyone else, even though it seems like many of them slack off at work and read sports blogs. Ohio St. doesn't teach work ethic or ambition apparently.

Anyway, I think XavierMusketeer said it best on Deadspin, when he noted that "Free Xavier does not speak for all of us." A truer statement has never been made. We here at FreeXavier speak for our own whiny, dickish, selves, and absolutely no one else. If this post had been published in the Xavier Newswire, it would be different. We speak for Xavier University in the same way a boisterous, drunken garbageman speaks for his municipal government. Frankly, anyone who took "An Ode for Oden" seriously probably has an IQ similar to Greg Oden's uniform number.

Go X!


Anonymous said...

Congrats man, you have single handedly embarassed the school with your childish (and ridiculously lame) attempts at humor. Your outrageous comments about homosexuality and complete disregard for the feelings of the surrounding community have given the wrong impression about the school to a very large group of people. Way to go man! I'm proud to have you as a fellow student.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this wasn't published in the student newspaper makes no difference. It was published on the Internet and people beyond Xavier University will read it.

The Ode to Oden page is shameful to the authors and Xavier University. One would think that students from Xavier University would be a little more responsible in what they publish, in addition to showing a little more class and humility.

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

well you can't just post something like that with misplaced anger, faulty basketball logic, and shit about a 19-year old's mother, without expecting people to be pissed at you. Especially a fanbase as fanatical as us Buckeyes

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy